18th International Conference
Radiation Effects in Insulators (REI-18)
Dates: 26th to 31st October, 2015
Conference Venue: Hotel Royal Orchid, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Important Dates
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March, 2015 Online Registration Starts
15th July, 2015 Extended Last Date for Submission of Abstract
24th & 25th October, 2015 International School
26th October, 2015 Welcome & Registration
28th October, 2015 IC Meeting
The conference will be preceded by
  • International School on Ions Beams in Material Science
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Organised by:
Supported by
Ion Beam Society of India
In Cooperation With
International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna

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10th October, 2015 - Online Registration Stops -:- 24th & 25th October, 2015 - International School -:- 26th October, 2015 - Welcome & Registration -:- 28th October, 2015 - IC Meeting , Online Submission of Abstract Closed :-:Clearance letter from Ministry for External Affairs :-: Clearance letter from Ministry of Home Affairs

Welcome Message By the Organising Committee

The REI conference has a glorious history. The first REI was held in 1981 in Arco, Italy and the last one was in Helsinki in 2013. The international committee in Helsinki decided to hold the next REI in Jaipur in 2015.

The organizing committee is pleased to announce the 18th international conference on ‘Radiation Effects in Insulators’, REI-18, in Jaipur, a centre for several historical monuments and cultural sites. The city was founded in year 1727 and is presently known as pink city. We look forward for active participation of researchers from all across the world. The conference will provide a platform for academic interaction at international level for sharing views and novel ideas with international experts. The participants will have opportunity to explore the touristic and exotic city of Jaipur with vibrant and colorful traditions and culture.

D.K. Avasthi, IUAC, New Delhi
IC member and Chairman




  •     Nuclear materials: fission , fusion and waste forms
  •     Functional nanocomposites
  •     Photonic, bio-medicine and sensing materials
  •     Micro- and nano-patterning


  •    Simple and complex oxides
  •     Carbides and nitrides
  •     Polymers
  •     Ionic crystals
  •     Semiconductor and scintillator materials
  •     Glasses and silica
  •     Carbon-based materials
  •     Nanocomposites and nanostructured materials


  •   Fundamental knowledge on atomistic and electronic defect production and stability
  •    Irradiation-induced microstructural evolution and material modifications
  •    Fundamentals, theory and computer simulations
  •    Advances in defect and material characterization
  •    Radiation response of nanomaterials
  •    Swift heavy ion irradiations
  •    Neutron irradiations
  •    Laser-solid interactions
  •    Electron-solid interactions